Boys BBQ Cooking Tigers Den Luxury Guest Lodge Accommodation

Now that we have sorted the Roast on BBQ we are going to roast a couple of chickens.

As we do go to supermarket Purchase two large Basted chickens and two tins of lemonade or beer if you wish.We like to use lemonade as it is sweeter and will come in handee when we need a gravy.

Preheat the BBQ .  Now use your roast dish or foil tray to cook in . Open the lemonade and take at least a mouthfull out of each can .You can just pour some in bottom of roast dish  if you like .Carefully insert the can up rear of chicken ,you may need to cut the hole a little bigger .Be careful that you do not crumple the can as we need the chicken to be able to stand up on its own in your roast dish.

Place in preheated BBQ and close the lid cook at 180 deg for one hour or more until juices are clear. We like to baist the chicken a couple of times while cooking .You can just about use what ever you like to do this . We generally use Soy sauce to start with add some tomato sauce or relish to sweeten and brush over outside at least two times while cooking. Best results are achieved if we keep lid closed as much as possible , so keep your lid-lifter friends away .

After an hour check that juices are clear using a sharp spike before removing chickens .Take cans out and rest chickens on a serving tray .  Leave the roast dish in BBQ  and pour contents of one can of lemonade in the bottom . Find a nice gravy mix in your pantry and add contents to  your roast dish .Mix in slowly with heat on under your dish until thickened.

The chicken will be very moist and succulent and lemonade gravy will add to the wonderful flavour.

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