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The boys are coming round for a BBQ and we would all like to catch up ,and not be stuck toiling away doing all the cooking.

The answer is simple ROAST ON YOUR BBQ . ( more time for beer  ).  IT is simple so lets get sorted . First rule again is buy the best meat you can afford.

Rump, Porterhouse , Rib eye , And Fillet . Go to supermarket and buy yourself a large foil tray to cook in . We dont like cleaning up  when you are on holiday or vacation.   So just bin the tray when finished  and that’s our clean up finished ( more time for beer )  .

Make sure you have some of your favourite  herbs , spices , salt and pepper on hand to rub into you meat . Be brave and try what ever you like (is that not part of the holiday fun) , we have never ruined a good roast by having some fun and trying new things. We have even used a mixture of Coffee  , Salt ,Pepper rubbed in to create a lovely sweet flavor . Just rub a little rice bran oil on first then add the mixture you wish to use  ,by rubbing or sprinkle over .

Remember two things about meat .Fat creates flavor as does bone , so if your roast has this leave it there , you can trim it off later if you wish  ,but i bet this will be the bits every one will pick at later .

Have a little oil in bottom of your tray and place your roast in , ready to roast. This next tip will save any problems if you ( have more beer ) and cook for a little too long . Get yourself  a tin ,Old bake bean tin will do and make sure it is clean.Pour into this some beer or wine and half fill it . Place tin in BBQ on the hot plate so it will steam away and make sure everything is nice and moist and juicy . Preheat BBQ .  (more beer ).

Cook times a a general rule of thumb we use .  Rump takes about 1.25 hours , Porterhouse 1 hour  , Ribeye about  50 minutes to 1 hour  and a whole fillet never more than 30 to 40 minutes . If it looks done it will be so take it out is our policy . Make sure you rest it ( more beer ) . The size of roast will make a difference times quoted are for large roast able feed 8-10 guests . Less time is generally better than more .

Heat , generally we have temperature at about 250 when we put roast in and leave it for 10 minutes then reduce to about 180 deg for rest of time. ( more beer ) . We try to have outside burners on in BBQ so heat is not directly under roast dish . Drop a few onions in the side if you like .

By the time roast is finished ladies will have salads ready and Bonaparte .  ( more beer ).

Connect with our Tiger’s Den Blog for great holiday tips and cooking hints as we explore the local cuisine treats and trips found in and around the Marlborough Sounds and Nelson area.

A great New Zealand get away in a relaxing yet luxury location.

Team At Tiger Den

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