Mancave And Blokes BBQ Cooking, Guest Lodge Luxury Accommodation | Tigersden – Marlborough Sounds

With BBQ season fast approaching its time to brush up on some of our bbq cooking skils.

The first thing to remember is its not difficult unless you make it.  We have all been to a bbq and found Jim or Bill full  of (ego)standing over his new bb ready to murder your lovely peace of rump steak.  Normally this can be achieved by watching the chef turn the desired peace of meat back and forth until it resembles a used Tyre and requires the use of a chainsaw to cut into.

We went to a trade show a few years back and spent some time with a chef who was doing cooking demonstrations for a local meat export company.  He gave us some very important tips that we do not waiver from .  The first tip was most meat is Overcooked . Second tip is make sure hot plate is actually hot .  Third tip was if you do use oil make Sure it has  a high burn rate ,like rice bran oil.  The fourth tip is Most Important for great results when cooking steaks, and it is put steak on and absolutely leave it until blood flows to top of steak  ,then and only then turn it. Now if it takes three minutes for blood to flow to top of steak ,turn it over for one minute before removing. The general rule of thumb is 2/3rds on one side and 1/3rd on other.

As usual all meat is best when allowed to rest .  Buy best meat you can afford for best results. Watch out for cheap skates if you go to a bring your own and some-one turns up with chuck steak . All meat should be at room temperature before cooking.   Come stay at Tigers Den and tune up your cooking skills.

Make it enjoyable and keep it simple.

Team At Tigers den .

 click to stay with us.


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