The Orca are back Guest Lodge Accommodation Tigers Den Luxury Lodge

Just this week the magic of the Marlborough Sounds has been very evident again with the arrival of the magnificent Orca , sometimes known as the killer whale .  These wonderful marine mammals were spotted this week cruising the Marlborough Sounds in Kumototo Bay which is very close to Picton and Waikawa Bay.

The pod consisted of a large male , three females and three calves and were feeding on stingrays that are normally found in shallow water around many bays of the sounds.

It is much more common to see large pods of dolphins cruising and playing in these magic waterways called The Marlborough Sounds.   The Dolphins will easily stop to play around your Kayak or boat and will stay for extended periods of time to entertain you.  To slip into the water and swim with these very friendly mammals is truly an exasperating experience that should be on your bucket list.

Stay at Tigers Den Luxury accommodation for your next holiday  and we can arrange trips out to experience these wonderful mammals right on our doorstep. Team at  Tigers 

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